A Very Handy Little Title

Normally when I get to review a book I don’t actually get to use it in the field so to speak, but this time I thought I would make an exception. After all, BRITISH BIRDS – A Pocket Guide (Hume et al)is a field guide and claims to be a pocket sized one, so I took it with me on a recent tour, leading four novice birders

Firstly, it is indeed pocket guide. It measures 18cm x 12cm and fits comfortably in my birding jacket, or Scopac on this occasion. The images are of the high quality I have come to expect of the WILDguides series and I particularly like the comparative flight images. I used these to show my clients the differences between Black-headed and Mediterranean Gulls to good effect.

“The comparative flight images are very useful!”

The book is certainly a much more useable item than it’s bulkier cousin from the same series (Britain’s Birds). However, smaller size means smaller text and the wealth of information packed into each page can be a little hard on the eyes for those of us with a need for carrying reading glasses around!

All in all, this book is very good value for money at under £10.00 and I would especially recommend it for the novice or beginner looking for a first ID guide.

Paul Freestone (Cornwall Birdwatching Tours)

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