Twenty Two Brilliant British Birds – by Guy Riches

When this quaint little book dropped through my letter box I was a bit unsure as to where it would fit in my bulging ornithological library. To be honest, I’m still not sure it will. However, it does sit proudly on my 9 year olds shelf and my Brother-in Law received a copy for his birthday having shown an ‘interest’ in the birds in his garden! This is in essence exactly what it says on the cover. ‘A cheerful account of some of the remarkable talents and personalities of a selection of our favourite British Birds’. And they are all in there! If I asked you to choose 5 traditional British Birds that spring to mind, I can guarantee they would be covered here. Mine would have been Robin, Kingfisher, Puffin, Barn Owl and Swallow. All covered.

I would liken this book to The Observers Book of Birds, although not an ID book, it is written the same simplistic, poetic way and the images, beautifully illustrated by Mike Langman, are paintings of the birds, not for ID purposes but just to look at and admire. I imagine this book is aimed at those with a new or passing interest in birds and as the author says, “A Knowledge of these few birds helps us better appreciate the abundance of nature across our bountiful British Isles”. And I agree. In these lockdown times, this would make an ideal gift to any one with an interest in nature and birds.

The book is just £7.99 and is currently only available direct from the author on Facebook HERE but should soon be available via Amazon and other outlets.

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